Birthday Wishes and Status for Facebook Story

Birthday Wishes and Status for Facebook Story
Birthday Wishes and Status for Facebook Story

Nowadays a new trend in the social media world that is Facebook story. Facebook users can publish snapshot, audio and video for 24 hours. In the reference of the Facebook story, this post is the collection of birthday content that you can pick and post as a Facebook story on your birthday. It’s a very innovative and creative thought to express your feelings via Facebook story.

Stay safe and connected with the world. Live with the great thoughts, peaceful mind and humble nature. These are the quality of a wise person.

Happy days are here again, come and join my birthday celebration have a blasting party tonight.

My life is incomplete without your presence, thank you to take me as a friend in your life. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend, you are such a sweetheart.

Brother though we are fighting like dog and cat every day the truth is I respect you a lot thank you for being my elder brother and to forgive all my mistakes. Happy birthday dear bro.

Happy birthday dad you are the super coolest father in this world, I pray to God in my every birth you should be my father ever. I love you dad.

To my beautiful sister, I have two mothers in my life one is our real mother who gave us birth and second is you are who taught me how to live life. Happy birthday keep ruling on me.

Some bonding in life have no name but those are too strong more than any blood relation. Our relationship is the same. Happy birthday to the very special person of my life.

Life is too small don’t waste it in unnecessary worries, do whatever your heart likes, take a breath in the open air like a bird and touches the sky of your wishes.

True friends may depart from each other for a number of years but they always care for each other unconditionally, that is the beauty of friendship. I am glad to have you as a best friend in my life.

What an awesome weather today, hard-luck guys, I have to work late night today in the office, let’s delay my birthday celebration till this weekend.

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