Birthday Wishes to PM Narendra Modi on His 69th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Image Source: Deccan Herald

This post is dedicated to wish and show our gratitude towards one of the most powerful, adorable and prestigious man how makes our country so proud and stand us among the rapidly new emerging power is almost all the fields and areas from the moon to earth we are one of the fastest-growing nation around the world.

It only could be possible just because of one person his name is MR. NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI, he was born on 17th September 1950. Let’s celebrate his 69th birthday together by sending him our special words and blessings to him.  Presenting a rich range of wishes here you can pick and send your words to your admirable and loving PM at Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

HBD Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Our honorable PM wish you a very happy birthday, we feel so proud and blessed to have a PM like you who can think for all of the citizens of the country without any discrimination.

Happy birthday to our loving PM, you are the icon of the
nation. We desperately wait to hear your insightful ideas and motivational
thoughts every month.  The way you are
interacting with the citizen of the country is simply great.

Sir, we salute your dedication and devotion to the people of the country. We salute for your odyssey at this age for the welfare of the country. Happy birthday to the most energetic PM I have ever seen.

Lots of the time your tough decisions made you culprit but you always stay with your decisions and commitment because you knew whatever you are doing is good for the country. Today’s rising India is an excellent result of your hard decisions. We are always with you. Happy birthday to the toughest and self-disciplined PM.

Happy birthday to our respectable PM, you have instilled a desire in every citizen that he/she can do a lot in his/her life. You are the motivation of young India and the role model of every ordinary person.

The dream of touching the moon could never be fulfilled if
you were not with us. Your encouragement is with us, let’s move forward,
victory is sure. Happy birthday, to the person who is having positive thinking
and pure soul, a person who is always dedicated towards his country and people
of the country!

Happy birthday to the master of the innovative ideas and
famous for his master strokes!

Happy birthday to the soul of the nation, we are very thankful to you for the recreation of India. We lost ourselves anywhere in the deep of darkness, you pull us out from it and realize us to live in the open air.

Happy birthday to our favorite PM, I wish you will our only PM for the next 100 years. We believe that you are the only one who can take us from developing to a developed country.  The one who always behind with us in any disaster.

Happy birthday to the simple living and high thinking person. We are incomplete without your presence in Indian democracy.  We are becoming stronger and stronger in your leadership. Happy birthday once again to determine PM on the nation.

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