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Happy birthday

This birthday celebration is full of happiness
And have fun, happy birthday!

Yah Janamdin Ka Utsav Khushiyon Se Bhara
Aur Ullas Purn Ho, Aapko Janamdin Ki Badhai.

On your birthday we will give you a birthday
Let’s send endless wishes
And wish you well for your happy life!

Aapke Janamdin Par Hum Aapko Janamdin
Ki Anant Shubhkamnaye Bhejte Hai
Aur Aapke Khushhal Jeevan Ke Liye Mangal Kamnaye Karte Hai.

You like your birthday
Laugh and smile every day of your life,
And may you always have the love and respect of your loved ones!

Tum Yoon Apne Janamdin Ki Tarah
Apne Jeevan Ke Har Din Hansate Aur Muskurate Raho,
Aur Sada Tumhe Apno Ka Pyaar Aur Samman Mile.

Wish you a very happy birthday
May your life be full of success, joy and happiness
And may all the dreams you see come true!

Tumhe Janamdin Ki Bahut Bahut Shubhkamnaye
Tumhara Jeevan Safalta, Aanand Aur Khushi Se Bhara Ho
Aur Tumhare Dwara Dekhe Gaye Sabhi Sapne Poore Ho.

For you and me on your birthday
Congratulations and best wishes!

Aapke janamdin par meri or se aapke liye
Badhai Aur Anant Shubhkamnayen.

Happy birthday to you,
Wish you endless happiness in life
And may all your dreams come true!

Janamdin Ki Mangal Shubhkamnaye,
Aapko Jeevan Mein Anant Khushiyan Mile
Aur Aapke Sabhi Sapne Poore Ho.

As a gift on your birthday
Sending your best wishes for you
In which we wish God your happiness!

Hum Aapke Janamdin Par Uphaar Ke Roop Mein
Aapke Liye Apni Shubhkamnaye Bhej Rahe.
Jisme Hum Ishwar Se Aapki Khushiyon Ki Kamna Karte Hai.

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Happy landing day

Wish you a happy birthday,
God bless you all the world
And have a nice day every day!

Aapko Janmdin Ki Lakh-lakh Badhaiyan,
Bhagwan Aapko Duniya Ki Har Khushi De
Aur Aapka Har Din Acchha Beete.

You are a wonderful person
I respect you very much
I’m so happy about your birthday
And send you congratulations on your birthday!
Happy birthday

Tum Ek Adbhut Insaan Ho,
Main Tumhara Bahut Samman Karta Hoon
Main Tumhare Janamdin Ki Lekar Bahut Hi Khush Hoon
Aur Tumhe Tumhare Janamdin Par Badhai Bhejta Hoon.
Janamdin mubarak ho

Wish you all the very best on your birthday,
And congratulations on the beautiful memories of your life!

Aapko Aapke Janm Divas Par Dhero Shubhkamnaye,
Aur Aapke Jeevan Ki Khoobsurat Bhari Yaado Ki Badhaiyan.

I am my great friend
I wish her a happy birthday,
And pray to the one above for his glorious life!

Main Apne Shandaar Dost Ko
Uske Shandaar Janamdin Ki Badhai Deta Hoon,
Aur Upar Wale Se Uske Shandaar Jeevan Ke Liye Prarthana Karta Hoon.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and congratulations,
I wish you a wonderful year ahead!

Tumhe Janamdin Ki Anant Shubhkamnaye Avm Badhaiyan,
Tumhare Aane Wala Shal Bahut Hi Shandaar Ho, Aisi Meri Kamna Hai.

You have always been a good friend to me
I respect our friendship very much
And i love you so much
Happy birthday my friend!

Aap Hamesha Se Mere Liye Ek Acche Dost Rahe Hai
Main Hamari Dosti Ka Bahut Samman Karta Hoon
Aur Main Aapse Bahut Pyaar Karta Hoon
Janamdin Ki Dhero Shubhkamnaye Mere Dost.


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