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Happy birthday in marwadi

Happy Thanksgiving Birthday
God always ask what they want
Dukhon ri kade kali raat ni aave
Always be happy fill the courtyard
Happy birthday to you!

Marwar re minakh ro ochko hai kam,
Name in the last world,
Congratulations on your birthday too
I am happy to call you in my happiness!

Today is a special day for me
Because today my brother is crying on his birthday
Brother, I got happiness and won Kino too!

May your life be good, love you all
Happy you my birthday my friend!
Happy Birthday Dear

Everyone is unique, my friend
Love is the best friend
Kun kway ki happiness be all in the world
Happiness for me is my precious friend
Happy birthday, good luck friend!

Do not lose hard, do not panic,
Face them with courage
Soo Thane on my side
Happy birthday happy birthday

Ramji Thane Nirog Rakhe
Double the earnings
Tawariya, you also climbed higher!
Stay homeless or stay homeless!
Happy Birthday Dear

All my life is spent on my friend
Every happiness you get is a police station which you demand!
Happy birthday happy birthday


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Happy birthday in rajasthani language

Foote dense people were considered
Kadio kajal in eyes,
Birthday forehead is your blessing
God made so many successes!
Happy Birthday To You

All the time, smiles
Happy swing thug
Thane Thare Birthday Forehead Congratulations a lot!
Happy birthday

Thaari is like smelling flowers
All the world is better than ours,
The definition of love is given,
Happy Birthday!

Look at your friend
Pan koi ni hai tere jadeo dildar,
Happy birthday
I have love for you in my heart!
Happy birthday dude

Dua, my God, I am the highest earning name,
The virtues of working so hard are all around!
Happy Birthday Dost

Friend howe
Happy birthday congratulations
My piece of piece…

The whole world sees my brother Ro Dhamal
Maharo Bhai is amazing
Today, my brother, my birthday, I send happiness!
Brother wishes him a very happy birthday

Happiness came in the house, as many people as possible,
Long live the story, love was a birthday celebration!
Happy Birthday


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