Birthday Wishes For Son In Hindi: You … Yourself Happy birthday to son To give, from the post written here you can Message on son’s birthday You can send and congratulate him!

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Happy birthday to son

Son, we remember this day with joy
Because your birthday was the most beautiful day of my life!
Happy birthday to you

You are our happiness, our world
We want to remind you today
How precious you are to us!
Happy birthday to my son

Today is one of the most beautiful days in our life
I always thank God for this day,
Because they gave me a son like you today.
Happy birthday son

I thank my life
He gave me the most precious gift to me this day,
I love you so much my son
Wish you a very happy birthday!

This birthday is the best of my son’s life
Happy birthday,
Wish you a happy birthday my child!

You always keep moving forward in your life,
And keep climbing the steps of success,
I wish you a lot of love and blessings on your birthday!

For a father seeing his son healthy and happy
The happiness you get is not a big gift!
Happy birthday son

When we are able to live our lives a year more
And to step towards our bright future
I wish you the best!

I feel very grateful for life,
Because the greatest happiness of my life is what you have met!
happy Birthday my son

I hope you celebrate your birthday
And share your happiness with your friends this moment!

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Father’s message on son’s birthday

I am very happy about this
That I have got a talented and capable son,
I feel blessed to have a son like you!

Happy birthday to a wonderful son,
Your mother and I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you,
The love and blessings of both of us are always with you, son!

With each passing birthday, we pay attention
That you are getting higher and higher
Wishing you all the best for your birthday and your bright future!

All the moments of your childhood,
And your present precious moments
Our memories will always be included!
Happy birthday son

Like you did with your birth today
All the happiness of the world was put in our bag
We will always remember that day, happy birthday son!

Our life changed completely with your birth
We wish you both a very happy birthday!

I am thankful for the day that you came into our world
Your smile and laughter are relaxing for our heart
You brought happiness to our lives
Happy birthday son

Thank you for making me feel happy to be a father
You filled our lives with happiness and joy
I hope you have a happy birthday!

I hope that this year will begin the unforgettable journey of your life,
That will lead you to your bright future
Happy Birthday My Dear Sun.

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Mother’s message on son’s birthday

You worked hard to make your dreams a reality
I pray to God that all your dreams come true
And you get all the happiness in the world!
Happy Birthday Beta

On this memorable day, I want to fulfill all your wishes,
Happy birthday, son!

Even though I may be busy at times,
But promise on your birthday
That I will always be there for you!
Happy birthday to you

Our blessings are always with you
Happy birthday son
May everything be good in your life to come!

We are lucky to have a fabulous son like you
You are always a ray of light for us
Happy birthday to my sweet son!

We are very lucky to have a great son like you.
Happiness in your life always,
Happy birthday son!

You always laugh and smile
This is our wish and blessing!
Happy birthday son

We can’t say it often,
But today is a perfect day to tell you
That you are a precious gift to us!
Happy birthday to my baby!

May God bless and bless our child forever,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

Whatever be the circumstances in life,
do not ever give up,
We are and will always be with you!
Happy birthday to my sweet son


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