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Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother In Hindi

You are not older than me,
that you were born before me
but because you are older than me
Because you’ll be old before me!
happy birthday brother

Aap Mujhe Bade Isliye Nahi Hai,
Ki Aap Mujhe Pehle Paida Hue The
Balki Aap Mujhse Bade Isliye Hai
Kyunki Aap Mujhe Pehle Budhe Honge
Happy Birthday Bhai

very happy birthday
I have heard that as a man grows up
his memory also goes down
Don’t forget to give us a party somewhere!
happy Birthday brother

Janamdin Ki Bahut Bahut Badhaiyan
Maine Suna Hai Aadmi Ke Bade Hone Ke Sath Sath
Uski Yaaddast Bhi Km Ho Jaati Hai
Kahi Aap Hume Party Dena Hi Mat Bhul Jaana.
Janamdin Mubarak Ho Mere Bhai

One is you that how good you are, one is you that how true you are,
One is that you are so sweet, you are how intelligent you are,
And one of us is that, for how long lies are being told on lies!
happy birthday bro

Ek Tum Hi Ho Ki Kitne Acche Ho, Ek Tum H Ho Ki Kitne Sacche Ho,
Ek Tum Ho Ki Kitne Pyaare Ho, Tum Ho Ki Kitne Samjhadaar Ho,
Aur Ek Ham Hai Ki, Kitni Der Se Jhooth Pe Jhooth Bole Ja Rahe Hai!
Happy Birthday Bro

I do not respect you, but I respect your growing age,
And wish you a happy birthday!
happy Birthday my brother

Main Tumhara To Nahi Par Tumhari Badhati Umra Ka Samman Karta Hu,
Aur Tumhe Janamdin Ki Badhai Deta Hoon.
Janamdin Mubarak Ho Mere Bhai

is a very intelligent, handsome and famous person
who was born today, but that’s not you
Still wishing you a very happy birthday!

Ek Bahut Hi Buddhiman, Sundar Aur Prasiddh Vyakti Hai
Jo Aaj Paida Hua Tha, Lekin Wo Aap Nahi
Phir Bhi Aapko Janamdin Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye !

you are my best brother
because you give me my money
Never refuse to!
happy birthday brother

Aap Mere Sabse Acche Bhai Hai,
Kyunki Aap Mujhe Mere Kharch Ke Paiso
Ke Liye Kabhi Mna Nahi Karte.
Happy Birthday Bhai


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Birthday Shayari Bhai ke liye Funny

will you be able to light all the candles
Or should I call the fireman?
happy B-Day

Kya Aap Sabhi Mombattiyon Ko Jala Payenge
Ya Mujhe Fireman Ko Phone Karna Chahiye ?
Janamdin Ki Shubhkamnaye.

Don’t expect a gift from me on your birthday
Because I’m looking forward to a birthday party from you!

Aap Apne Birthday Par Mujhse Gift Ki Ummid Mat Karna,
Kyunki Main Aapse Birthday Party Ki Ummid Kar Raha Hoon.

There should be a party on your birthday,
Wish I’ll do it sometime too!
Happy birthday

Aapke Janamdin Par To Party Honi Chahiye,
Wish To Kabhi Aur Bhi Kar Denge.
Janamdin Mubarak Ho

You have moved closer to death!
happy birthday to you

Bahut Bahut Badhai
Aap Mrityu Ke Aur Adhik Nikat Chale Gaye !
Aapko Janamdin Ki Shubhkamnaye

You’re growing up so fast
I worry that you will one day
don’t grow taller than a palm
The joke was… happy birthday brother!

Aap Itne Jaldi Bade Ho Rahe Hai,
Mujhe Fikar Hai Ki Aap Ek Din
Taad Se Adhik Bade Naa Ho Jaaye.
Majak Tha… Janamdin Mubarak Ho Bhai.

Cause I don’t remember you my birthday
I will give my best wishes in such a way that
You are now old, bald and full of wrinkles!
happy B-Day

Main Aapko Mera Janamdin Yaad Nahi Rakhane Ke Kaaran
Apni Shubhkamnaye Is Tarah Se Dunga Ki
Aap Ab Budhe, Ganje Aur Jhurriyon Se Bhare Hue Hai!
Janamdin Ki Shubhkamnaye

May God give you a long life,
So long that you have to keep it in the museum!
happy birthday wishes

Bhagwan Aapko Lambi Umra De,
Itni Lambi Ki Aapko Museum Mein Rakhna Pade.
Janamdin Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye


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Funny Birthday Shayari Bhai

According to my calendar, it’s someone’s birthday today
but i don’t know who he is
Could you help me?
happy birthday to you

Mere Calendar Ke Anusaar, Yah Aaj Kisi Ka Janamdin Hai
Lekin Mujhe Nahi Pata Ki Wah Kaun Hai
Kya Tum Meri Madad Kar Sakte Ho?
Tumhe Janamdin Ki Shubhkamnaye

doing one thing you focus on eating the cake
And I’ll focus on your gifts!
happy birthday brother

Ek Kam Karna Aap Cake Khane Par Focus Karna
Aur Main Aapke Gifts Par Focus Karanga.
Janamdin Ki Badhai Bhai

I hope that on this day in your lungs
to blow out the whole candle at the same time
Not enough power!
happy Birthday brother

Mujhe Aasha Hai Ki Is Din Pe Aapke Faifdo Mein
Ek Hi Samay Mein Poori Mombatti Ko Fukane Ki
Paryaapt Shakti Nahi Hogi.
Janamdin Mubarak Ho Bhai

May this birthday bring you so much happiness
that you go crazy laughing!
happy birthday my dear brother

Yah Birthday Aapke Liye Itni Khushiyan Lekar Aaye
Ki Aap Has Haskar Pagal Ho Jaaye.
Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

happy birthday to my dear brother
I hope you understand love and relationship
You will leave your madness and start anew now!

Mere Pyaare Bhai Ko Janamdin Ki Shubhkamnaye
Mujhe Ummid Hai Ki Aapko Pyaar Aur Rishte Ki Samjh Aa Gayi Hogi
Aap Apna Paagalpan Chodkar Ab Nayi Shuruaat Karenge.

Your strength is starting to ripen now,
But don’t you worry about it
Because after some time they will not be there!
happy birthday bro

Aapke Bal Ab Pakne Lage Hai,
Par Tum Iski Fikar Mat Karo,
Kyunki Kuch Samay Baad Ye Bhi Nahi Rahenge.
Happy Birthday Bro


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