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Funny Birthday Wishes In Hindi For Gf

Enjoy your birthday to the fullest today
But once you think about your age
Because you are getting fat with increasing age now!

Aaj Aap Apne Janamdin Ka Pura Anand Le
Lekin Ek Baar Apni Umra Ke Baare Mein Jarur Sochna
Kyonki Tum Badhati Umr Ke Sath Ab Moti Lagne Lagi Ho!

Here is your birthday present
150 Rs Recharge Card
What will you miss too, Ash!

Ye Lo Tumhare Janmdin Ka Tohfa
150 Rs Ka Recharge Card
Tum Bhi Kya Yaad Karoge, Aish Karo!

You will extinguish the candles on your own birthday,
Or I will send fire brigade for you!

Tum Khud Apne Janamdin Par Mombattiyan Bujha Logi,
Yaa Phir Main Tumhare Liye Fire Brigade Bheju.

For your birthday this year,
You light so many candles
Why not use electronic candles instead!

Is Saal Aapke Janmadin Ke Liye,
Aap Itni Saari Mombattiyan Jalate Ho,
Iske Bajay Aap Electronic Mombattiyan Use Kyon Nahi Karte!

Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend with white hair
I am not mocking you
But white hair will look great on you!

Meri Safed Baalo Wali Sundar Girlfriend Ko Janmdin Mubarak Ho
Main Tumhara Mazaak Nahi Uda Raha Hoon
Par Safed Baal Tum Par Dikhane Mein Bahut Acchhe Lagenge!


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Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend In Hindi

You are so sweet already,
If you eat cake on birthday, then you will become more sweet,
In such a situation, I will get sugar again!

Tum Pehle Se Itni Sweet Ho,
Agar Janamdin Par Cake Khaogi To Aur Sweet Ho Jaogi,
Aise Mein Phir Mujhe Sugar Ho Jayega.

Every day your laughter becomes double,
All the sorrow is erased from your life,
May God keep you always happy and healthy,
May all your wishes be fulfilled and you always be happy!

Pratyek Din Aapki Hansi Ho Jaaye Double,
Mit Jae Aapki Zindagi Se Saare Gam,
Khuda Rakhe Aapko Hamesha Khush Aur Swasth,
Ho Tumhari Saari Mannate Poori Aur Tum Sada Raho Mast!

I am of your growing age and your white hair
I respect you so much,
And I wish you a happy birthday!

Main Tumhari Badhati Umra Aur Tumhare Safed Balo
Ka Tahe Di Se Samman Karta Hoon,
Aur Tumhe Janamdin Ki Badhai Bhejta Hoon.

You always tell me to spend less money,
From now on i have decided to take your advice
That’s why I did not even buy a gift on your birthday!

Tum Hamesha Mujhe Kam Paise Kharch Karne Ke Liye Kahati Ho,
Ab Se Maine Tumhari Salaah Lene Ka Faisala Kiya Hai
Isliye Dekho Maine Tumhare Janmdin Par Koe Gift Bhi Nahi Kharida!

Eating cake on the birthday is a bit under control or else
You will not get stomach after eating cake in Uncontrol!

Birthday Par Cake Khana Thoda Control Mein Warna
Cake Khakar Tumhara Pet Naa Ho Jayega Uncontrol Mein.


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