Funny Birthday Wishes In Marathi

This relationship of love
Is guarded by faith
Even if the birthday is yours
Today I am eating my fill
Happy birthday

About surviving another year
Good luck to you
Happy birthday too!

Every moment
Fall for your mistake
You always
Banun Hasarese Phul
Happy birthday .. !!!

Funny Birthday Wishes In Marathi For Sister

Thank God
A pretty pretty sister, we don’t,
But you got a wise brother!

Happy birthday to you
The time of your old age has come!

I wish you a happy birthday,
I have to thank you for that!

Funny Birthday Wish For Best Friend Forever Marathi

Jallosh is the village,
Because it’s a birthday,
My girlfriend’s !!!
Happy Birthday!

Thank God for your gift,
A good and smart friend to me
What happened because I didn’t get it ..
You got it

Congratulations on being one more year alive!
Happy birthday

Brother Funny Birthday Wishes In Marathi

Even if there is an argument, it will work, but there must be a sound….
Happy birthday

I don’t know much English, otherwise I would have kept the hot hair 🍰 Status But
Happy Revelation Day in #Marathi now .. !! Happy birthday

You have fulfilled this love given to your grandchildren. May it be yours
This is a wish for every birthday!


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Tapori Birthday Wishes In Marathi

Funny Birthday Wishes In Marathi For Best Friend

You get all the happiness in life, just don’t forget to give me a birthday party.
Happy birthday

Whatever you ask of God, you will get. That is my request to God today.
Millions of happy birthdays.

Every moment should come creating a new smell, a new joy,
And with new happiness, with new glory, happiness should be multiplied a hundredfold
Happy birthday to you

Short Funny Birthday Wishes मराठी For Facebook

The whole box has been sent to you so that there is nothing left when choosing a birthday gift!
Glory and glory!
Happy Birthday!

I, as you grow older,
I respect your white hair from the bottom of my heart!

From tomorrow to tomorrow, brighten your future,
Your girlfriend also wishes you a happy birthday bro!

Funny Birthday Wishes In Marathi For Girlfriend

That is the biggest secret in the country
Cheers to your real age
Happy birthday

Why don’t you celebrate your birthday?
You seem to be the most hidden of your age!

God must have been very relaxed too
When you must flee to earth!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife In Marathi

Your birthday is here,
You didn’t tell anyone,
Most of your age hidden!

As you get older
Fitting on your birthday cake
The candles were harder and harder!

Your birthday keeps coming every month,
And you keep giving us a party every time!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband मराठी

Don’t celebrate this birthday with joy,
That Corona patient should also come, Jai Mata Di!

The birthday is yours
You have the shadow of old age,
We are young
You are old

Will sing on your birthday, this wish is for you,
Till now I used to take bath in a month
And from now on, take a bath every day!

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