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Wednesday, 22 January 2020


Topmost Kids Jokes in English for WhatsApp and Facebook:

Here we share With you very Funniest Jokes for Kids, Kids Jokes, Parents and Kids Jokes, Kids and Teacher Jokes. I hope you like this our collection of Jokes for Kids in English.
Very Funny Jokes for Kids in English
Sign of Changing Times:
Santa to Pappu: Son, Success is when Signature turns into Autograph.
Pappu: No Dad, Success is when, Signature turns into Black Label!
Santa: Do you have a good excuse for coming home at 3 o’ clock in the morning?
Pappu: Yes, I do! Dad, the party was raided.
Teacher: What is the plural of mouse?
Pappu: Mice.
Teacher: Good. Now what is the plural of baby?
Pappu: Twins.
Pappu: Ma’m, I want to go to the toilet.
Teacher: I want to hear A-Z from you before I let you go.
Teacher: Where is P, O, T, Y?
Pappu: In my shorts.
Pappu: Mom, last night when I opened the toilet door, the light went on itself.
Mother: Idiot, you again peed in the refrigerator!
Very Funny Jokes For Kids
Pappu: A girl said, “I love you” to me.
Bunty: What did you say?
Pappu: I said, we are so similar. Even “I love me”
Pappu: My girlfriend is like a fart.
Bunty: Why do you say so?
Pappu: She’s not at all good looking; so whenever I am out in public, I never own her.
Pappu: Mom, Bunty broke a window.
Jeeto: How did he do it?
Pappu: I threw a rock at him and he ducked.

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Kids Jokes in Hindi

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Very Funny Teacher Student Jokes - Patni kaisi honi chahiye

पत्नी कैसी होनी चाहिये – Teacher Student Funniest Jokes

Teacher: Hey! Stand up.
Pappu stands up reluctantly.
Teacher: Tell me two pronouns.
Pappu: Who? Me?

Teacher: Very good. Sit down.
Girl: How much do you love me?
Pappu: My heart is my mobile and you are its SIM.
Girl: Oh my God! I am so lucky.
Pappu: Thank God, She doesn’t know that mobile has dual SIMs.
Pappu: What’s the difference between Pollution and Solution?
Santa: If a politician drowns in a river it’s Pollution, and if all of them drown then it’s a Solution!
Teacher: What’s a good example of Import and Export?

Pappu: Sonia and Sania!
Teacher: Pappu, you know you can’t sleep in my class.%0A
Pappu: I know, but maybe if you were just a little quieter, I could.%0A
Teacher: How does blood reach your brain?
Pappu: Simple. Direction of liquid is always towards the empty space.
Pappu: I love you!
Girl: Shutup!
Pappu: I like you!
Girl: Shutup!
Pappu: I miss you!
Girl: Shutup!
Pappu: You are really pretty!
Girl: Really?
Pappu: SHUTUP!
Girlfriend: Dear, it’s my birthday tomorrow.
Pappu: Happy birthday in advance!
Girlfriend: What gift shall you give to me?
Pappu: What do you want?
Girlfriend: A ‘Ring’.
Pappu: I shall give you a ‘Ring’ but please don’t pick it up as my balance is very less!
Teacher: Tell me the name of any Microsoft Product?
Bunty: MS Excel
Lucky: MS Word
Bittu: MS Powerpoint
Pappu after thinking a lot, “MS Dhoni”!
Girl: I need Google in my brain and antivirus in my heart.
Pappu: And Photoshop on your face!
Maths Teacher: What is a line?
Pappu: A line is a dot that’s going for a walk.
Teacher: Then what are parallel lines?
Pappu: A dot going for a walk with his girlfriend!
Pappu: My neighbors have a nuclear family.
Bunty: They stay separately from their parents and kids?
Pappu: No. Their daughter-in-law is a real Nuclear Bomb!
Doctor: You must exercise daily for good health.
Pappu: I play football, cricket and tennis almost daily.
Doctor: How long do you play?
Pappu: Until the battery in my mobile dies down!
Mother to Johnny: how was your exam, is all questions difficult?
Johnny: No mom, all the questions were simple, It was the answers which gave me all the trouble!
Teacher: John, tell me your date of birth?
John: July 13th
Teacher: on which year?
John: it is in every year, Ma’am!
If Child Labor is a Crime…
Then why teacher gives Homework?
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