Hello friends, welcome friends in our website, today we have brought you some selected and special devotional poetry through this article. Yes, on patriotism, we have put our feelings on paper through a few lines. It is our personal view that there should be a sense of respect, dedication and sacrifice among the residents of the country for their country, their motherland, their native land.

Through our creations, we try to convey this message to the common man; That “be ready to sacrifice everything for the motherland, to protect its honor”. This has been the tradition of India and our history describes how our heroes have sacrificed their lives for the country. That is why it has been said “Janani Janmabhoomisch Swargadapi Gariyasi” Jai Hind !!! Victory to India !!!

Desh Bhakti Kavita – Poems on Patriotism

1. Patriotic Poems


Vasundhara makes this call, challenges the brave sons
Pick up Shamshire – sword, don’t attack the country.
The sound of swords echoed in the sky,
Keep it in your hands, you heroes
Vasundhara makes this call to the brave sons.

This is a test of courage,
Today is the need – want from the country.
I swear to you, Mother India, Lal
Show me today, your appearance is formidable
Vasundhara makes this call to the brave sons.

Make your golden dreams come true, take your big size,
This is not the time to show back,
It is time to come to the senses.
Quit quarreling with each other, brothers agree
Vasundhara makes this call to the brave sons.

Don’t be ashamed of mother earth, are you cowardly or proud
Will decide r or par.
Fill up Vijay Ghosh, see that the enemy is “outcry,”
There should be a world of patriotism all around
Calling Vasundhara, calling out to the brave sons.

2. Patriotic Poem in Hindi

The day of freedom has come,
Everyone will celebrate the festival together.
Will talk about patriotism,
Will hoist the tricolor happily.

Will remember the great men,
Light a lamp in front of the heroes.
Will take a pledge of service loyalty,
India will take the oath of mother.

But after taking a walk in the evening,
Have a happy holiday.
going to foreign companies,
Will loot the goods of India.

sloganeering will do nothing
Use knowledge in the interest of your country.
A day’s salute is in vain,
Will follow Bapu’s path.

Scam, scam will no longer happen
Teach the corrupt a lesson.
Now every daughter will be safe,
Will kill the criminal.

Our country will become strong
We will be called world champions.
Dedicating my life,
Will make India a “golden bird”.

3. Desh Bhakti Kavita in Hindi

This country is my albela,
Where there is a colorful fair.
in that colorful fair
We all proud
The blood that is decorated in the soil,
of freedom fighters.
echoing that he
Anhad sound is abhanga..
Here everyone’s flag is tricolor,
centuries old culture,
the foundation is strong
Taking the heritage of love,
Roshan…this is Hindustan!!
Blessed be… my dear country
There is respect – there is respect.
I have respect, I have respect.
I am proud of my country.

4. Patriotic Poems

national deity – patriotism

flowers on you
saffron sheesh flower
Oh god! Country Gods!!

Your palm raised
the rays began to rise,
it’s season champai
The breath of the day woke up,
you gave the night
Pink morning address.
Oh god! Country Gods!!

flourishing steel
in the arms of hard work,
rising storm
held by you,
in the lap of struggle
Always play creation.
Oh god! Country Gods!!

Kaal Ka Vasanti Mantra
read generations,
dreams come true,
climb stairs
world growing
I see your feet

– Som Thakur

5. Patriotic Songs

Song of Independence – Patriotism

We are so free, our flag is the cloud.
Dolls adorned with silver, gold, diamonds, pearls.
Gone are the times to terrorize them
Those who adorn them are puppets
We have just thrown the iron handcuffs

We have awakened the tradition of our ancestors again
We raised the snow on the head, we kept it bright
We are so free, our flag is the cloud.

Silver Gold Diamond Pearl Umbrella
Those who used to shave their heads are now blushing
The broken world that showers flowers
Vehicles of thunderbolts trembled fearlessly in Amber

Indrayudh also once who was full of courage
Our umbrella is made of sixty degrees of Kartal.
We are so free, our flag is the cloud.

– Harivanshrai Bachchan

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