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Good Night Image with Love

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Good Night Image With Shayari

We love you dearly with memories,
Every breath we lay down on you,
Whenever you meet, remember us too,
Every night we wait for your good night…

Yaadon se tumhaari hum beintahaa pyaar karte hain,
Har saans hum tum par nyochhaar karte hain,
Kabhi mile waqt to humein bhi yaad kar lena,
Har raat hum tumhaari good night ka intezaar karte hain..
Good night

romantic good night shayari

Every heartbeat that’s dead has hope for you,
Every moment my eyes are looking for you,
Every night we feel very sweet,
Looks like I have two

Meri har dhadkan ko aas teri hoti hai,
Har pal meri nazar ko talash teri hoti hai,
har raat bada pyara ehsaas hota hai hum ko,
Lagta hai jese mere pass tu hoti hai

good night shayari image

Dreams are not what we see while sleeping,
Rather dreams are those which do not let us sleep.
Good night sweet dreams

Khawaab wo nahi hote, Jo hum sote waqt dekhte hain,
Balki khwaab to wo hote hain, Jo humein sone nahi dete…
Good Night, Sweet Dreams!!

good night thought in hindi

Let the stars come and decorate you,
Let the moonlight come and make you sleep,
Together we came in your dreams,
And come to your dreams and make you laugh,
Good night dear

tare aye or sajaye aap ko,
chaand ki chandni aa kar sulae aap ko,
saath ham aye aap ke khwaabo mein,
or khwaabo mein aa kar hasae aap ko,
gud night dear

good night shayari for wife in hindi

Yes, today the magic of love,
And become a memorable moment,
You just come in our dreams,
So that tonight becomes the sweetest of all,
good night Sweetheart

Ho aaj pyar ka jaadu,
Or ek yaadgar pal ban jaye,
Tum bas aajao khwab me humare,
Taki aaj ki raat sab se pyari ban jaye,
Good Night Jaan

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good night shayari for my love

Surely there will be a story of Taro too.
The world of the moon will also be pleasant,
Not only you, the sky is so beautiful,
Surely that too will be a sign of someone’s love!!

zaroor taro ki bhi kahaani hogi,
chaand ki duniya bhi suhani hogi,
yu hi nahi hai asmaan itna khoobsurat,
zaroor wo bhi kisi ke pyaar ki nishaani hogi!!

good night shayari in hindi for girlfriend

Our relationship is the sweetest in this place,
As life has the support of breath,
Remember us in that moment..
When you are alone and nobody is yours!

Rishta hamara is jahan me sabse pyara ho,
Jaise zindgi ko saanso ka sahara ho,
Yaad rakhna hame us pal me bhi,
Jab hum akele ho aur sara jahan tumara ho!

good night shayari image for girlfriend

Excuse me if I go over the limit
If I get down in your heart, I’m sorry
I see you in the night, for the sake of your presence,
Forgive me if I stay for a moment…!!

Agar mai hadh se guzar jau toh maaf karna,
Tere dil mai utar jau toh maaf karna,
Raat mai tujhe dekh k tere deedar ki khatir,
Pal bhar jo theher jau toh maaf karna…!!

good night shayari for love

In this night the moonlight is scattered all over,
This is our only prayer to God,
As lovely as the stars shine,
May you have such a lovely sleep.
Good night sweet dreams

Is raat mein chandni bikhar gayi hai saari,
Khuda se bus yahi dua hai hamaari,
Jitni pyari hai sitaaron ki chamak,
Utni hi pyaari neend ho tumhaari..
Good night, sweet dreams

good night images hindi shayari

Make me your companion
I am your shadow, take me
This night’s journey will become even more laughable
you come in my dreams or call me

apna hamsafar bana le mujhe,
tera hi saya hoon apna le mujhe,
ye raat ka safar aur bhi haseen ho jayega
tu aa ja mere sapno mein ya bula le mujhe

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good night image with shayari

These nights are also very cruel,
Does not bring sleep but definitely brings memories of someone.
Good night sweet dreams.

Ye Raate Bhi Badi Zalim Hoti Hain,
Nind Laye Na Laye Par Kisi Ki Yaade Zarur Laati Hain.
Good Night sweet dreams.

good night hindi shayri

The moon has come out in the sky and the stars are twinkling,
The night is deep and the sight is shining,
Now go to sleep because you too are waiting for your dream dear

Aasman mein nikal aaya hai chaand aur timtima rahe hain taare,
Gehri hai raat aur jagmag hai nazaare,
Ab so jaao tum bhi kyonki raaht dekh rahe hain tumhaara khwaab pyaare

good night images hindi shayari

in the ocean of heart waves don’t pick up
Don’t steal sleep by becoming a dream,
My heart hurts a lot,
Don’t get tired of coming in your dreams!
good night

Dil ke sagar mein leharein uthaya na karo,
Khwaab bankar neend churaya na karo,
Bahut chot lagti hai mere dil ko,
Tum khwaabon mein aa kar yun tadpaya na karo.

good night image with shayari

sleep with good dreams
Wake up with new hopes!
Good night sweet dreams.

achchhe khwaabo ke saath sona
nai ummidon ke saath uthna

good night image with shayari

Let the stars come and decorate you,
Let the moonlight come and make you sleep,
Together we came in your dreams,
And come to your dreams and make you laugh,
Good night dear

tare aye or sajaye aap ko,
chaand ki chandni aa kar sulae aap ko,
saath ham aye aap ke khwaabo mein,
or khwaabo mein aa kar hasae aap ko,
gud night dear

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good night image with shayari

Know when your eyes will express
You will have love for us in your heart,
This night is passing in your memory,
Sometimes you will be waiting for us too.
good night

Jaane Kab Aapki Aankho Se Izhar Hoga,
Aapke Dil Mein Humare Liye Pyar Hoga,
Gujar Rahi Hai Yeh Raat Aapki Yaad Mein,
Kabhi Toh Aapko Bhi Humara Intezaar Hoga.
Good Night

good night image with shayari

I don’t want to lose you anymore after meeting you
Don’t want to cry after getting a sweet happiness,
There is a lot of sleep in our eyes,
But don’t want to sleep without talking to you..!

Aapse milne ke baad ab aapko khona nhi chahte,
Ek pyari si khushi milne k baad rona nhi chahte,
Neend toh bahut hain humari aankhon mein,
Magar aapse baat kare bina sona nahi chahte..!

good night image with shayari

how quickly the meeting passes,
Thirst is not quenched, the rain passes,
Tell your memories not to be harassed like this,
Can’t sleep and the night passes!!
Good Night

Kitni Jaldi Ye Mulakat Gujar Jati Hai,
Pyas Bujhti Nahi Barsat Gujar Jati Hai,
Apni Yaadon Se Kaho Ki Yu Na Sataya Kare,
Neend Aati Nahi Aur Rat Gujar Jati Hai!
Good Night

good night image with shayari

We can’t be angry with you,
Can’t be unfaithful if promised,
Even if you forget us and sleep,
But we can’t sleep without remembering you,
Good night.

Hum tumse khafa ho nahi sakte,
Waada kiya to bewafa ho nahi sakte,
Aap bhale hi hume bhulakar so jao,
Magar hum aapko yaad kiye bina so nahi sakte,
Good Night.

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Good Night Image With Shayari For Love In Hindi

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