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Badmashi Status In Hindi | Badmash Status In Hindi

Badmashi Status Sirfere like us only create history, it is sensible to read only history. The guru and status that was there yesterday is still today and will remain in the future. My Attitude is not a calendar that will change every year. You are my best friend, you are not my brother, see now there will be destruction in the world. New is new, son, I have played the old games, the people on whose strength you jump, they are my old disciples. Have we got a little style, the eyes of the enemy have grown, yet the entry is dead, look forward what happens. Living people live their lives gracefully and those who burn are turned to ashes in the crematorium. Careful and foolish, this is the settlement of human beings, they also take care of God, what is your personality? You will be able to talk with love, you will be killed if enmity is achieved.

Badmashi Status Hindi

If your relationship with the sky is strong, then the people of the land cannot spoil you. People say that improve, otherwise life will get disturbed. We say, life is rough anyway, but if we improve, our identity will be lost. Stop taking advantage of our decency, the day we become a crook, doom will come. Sometimes I think in private how lucky I will be who will be my bride. I am a mad boy, I can fight everywhere when needed. The parents only lift the tantrums, the people of the world just lift their fingers. Our friends too are no less than any magical amulets, they pull all the gum as soon as they embrace … !! I can be a king anywhere, but the rule of ruling in the city of your heart is different. !! Do not forget that your feet are dust of my feet, we are Hindus.

Badmashi Status Shayari

What is fun to boast about the wealth of the father, when the wealth is his own and the father should boast. If you talk with love, you will only get love if you talk about airs, then you will be seen in my Block_List .. !! We do not give emotion and we do not tolerate airs. People say that my time will also come, I say that I will bring my time by myself. If you make a fortune, then even dogs like us are scared to be empty. To give something to someone .. not status .. I want… !! Loved by all of us brother and sister, whom the whole world is jealous of seeing. Strict hands are also left; Hand relationships are not held vigorously. If you have to stay then stay in your position, otherwise I have come at my own pace, then you will forget to live.

Status Hindi Badmashi

We need not only daggers in our hands but also water in our eyes, we should also have a little family. Weapons are kept for cone, eyes are enough for awe! ATTITUDE shows children, we show people their status. Not having the audacity to test my courage, I have turned many storms in the past. Ever wanted to go and see the photo in the police station, you need a jigra like a lion to help your father. Do not go to talk behind my back or else life will pass in the corner just in crying. At the time of arrival, the leaf goes on, no matter how much the jackal shouts at night, in the morning it is the dominance of the chero. Noise does not make a name out of making noise, do it in such a way that silence also gets published in newspapers.

Badmashi Whatsapp Status

The fun of dying is when even the murderer comes and cries on the funeral. The greatest figure has disappeared, son, you do not even try to bow down, your age will pass in bringing me down. We have a strong attitude, yet look at God, we are all compelled to love him !! I am upset that I am not involved in this thing, it is not my inclination to bow my head in the spirit. It is a very strange habit that both of us, hate and love do it very strongly. Not all heroes can become heroes. Even for the passing of diamonds, some people are needed to clap. We will beat such a girl, who is the most Hatke, whom DiL will have 440 Vault Ke Jatke …! Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends, otherwise enemies still know us by the name of the Father. One defeat does not make any faqir and one win is not Alexander. Why do you get burdened and bent shoulders, on whom you used to see the world. What a little style we killed, the eyes of the enemy have grown, now the entry is dead, look forward what happens. Our hobby is to keep a sword, even the children insist for the shotgun.

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