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Desi Attitude Status In Hindi | Desi Hindi Status

Desi Status Hindi Few Pages What have torn the books of life, the world has understood that our era is over…. No matter how useless and mean the son of Jat is, but he is called Chaudhary Saheb. Jalim Jmane Ne Sekha Dea Tewr Varna Hum Jaat Bhi Kabhi Sedhe Shade Hua Karte The !! Tewar To “Jaat” Vakt Ane Pe Dekhayen Ge, Sahar Tum Khred Lo Us Par Hukumt “Jaat” Chlaye Ge !! What will you be able to guess about our status? If we say something wrong in a meeting, then people say that … Mr. Chaudhary sir is right…! Tewar To “Jaat” Vakt Ane Pe Dekhayen Ge, Sahar Tum Khred Lo Us Par Hukumt “Jaat” Chlaye Ge !! Loha TATA Ka, Jutta Bata Ka Or Style Jaatan Ka Inka Koi Tod Nahi… !!

Status Desi In Hindi

Do not talk about bullying, we keep fighting, except fight, otherwise we kill you without any reason. Don’t forget the dust on my feet, I am Jat, son of my feet. We also go the same way… where our enemy is waiting for us… .the only difference is that they start, and we finish. I do not keep a knife, I do not keep a pistol, I am the son of a Jat, I have a liver in my heart, I have a sharp edge in my intentions, so I always leave alone. Son, who is stuck in front of a Jat and talks while staying in a position, then he wanders in the crematorium…. I can not bow down, I am an unbroken part of the gallantry who burns till the enemy’s soul, I am the child of the same Jat. Someone searched Google “How to control desi? “Google also replied” Do you search in your own place. ” The snake in the field, the father in the family, the khat in the house, and the Jat have great importance in the world.

Desi Shayari Attitude

Of course, wear clothes and jewelry like us, but you will bring from Jah, Jat with the face. Machish is the infamous You कुछYou have some girls😊 I am jealous of seeing online☺ 😊Jat Attitude👌…. !! This voice is not a roar, even if it stands alone, it is a mountain. Yamraj, who is afraid of Yamraj, is called Yamadoot, by which the fear is called Jat. To whom is the name also known as #Challa, just #Malania should be overpowering. If there is a cut, then in the #cuts go to the youth, struggle, #Jaat would not compromise. Hath, we just add Ram-Ram Karan Khatar-e to the elders, Neat Ham, they are #Jat like, who should not let death, even Ghoongroo Parha. Chaudhar’s Hukka sa Araja #jaat’s Rukka s real awe, Jat’s sorrow, Baqiya’s Tora Sukka s.

Desi Status For Fb In Hindi

Just like the field where the #kat is required, the jat is necessary in the #ARMY. Jat whom friend ni ara betrayed in friendship ala khatar jaat a lot of enmity. The way of life of Ham Jata is different, let us live by hope. Wa pistol ak, which khadakai na. Ar wah jat e ki ko ki rakadai na You are lucky and your jaat gal gal yari. Do not talk about the situation, #A_Friends are afraid of my mustache more than your # gun !! Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends, otherwise enemies still recognize us by the name of the Father !!

Desi Status In Hindi Attitude

#Risk Bhatre Liye but the first result of the book #Batching is not dare .. !! Half of the youth of Balka in Haryana are going to lose their lives, and half of them are going to be lost. Many Malangs will post sadly in the night, Janu will come to know about the deception of bread and cheats. Chaudhary Saheb was sitting on his head. His friend passing by asked: What happened brother? Why are you sitting upset? Do not get entangled with us, we could not understand ourselves, what would you consider us to be. Do not attach much affection to me, my enemies say, my age is short, I am afraid of my death and not of your lonely soul. We too are now determined to give you the pain and we will pray!

Desi Attitude Shayari In Hindi

Don’t forget the dust on my feet, I am Jat, son of my feet. We also go the same way where our enemy is waiting for us, the only difference is that they start from the beginning, and we finish. Neither are we Hollywood Star, nor any megastar, we are Jat rockstars, who win, live gracefully and die on their lives. We have raised these hobbies by setting fire to wealth, if anyone asks you to tell me, we are Jat Haryanas. Jat, I will remain Jat, Hello, I will not say straight, Ram, Ram will say only… !! Do not fight, it will be difficult to fight, otherwise it will write such a history that it will be difficult to read…! Jats do not think themselves… forces others to think… !!

Desi Status Hindi

The house is incomplete without cots, the scales are incomplete without weights, the king is incomplete without chic, the country is incomplete without jats. The sons of Shero are known only as lions, and Jats are recognized among millions. Heart should have youth like passion and fire, we Jats, enemy should also be family. People should forget their status by seeing their status as such. If you miss me in moments of leisure, don’t do it now. Often the same people raise fingers on us, which we have no right to touch. Leave DP, leave the status, I am going on vacation to see the last scene, my heart is broken and it will take some time to handle… !!

Desi Hindi Status

The children show their attitude and we show their status to the people. Attitude is strict, only then is it cool, victory is its fix, because the enemy is our victim. It is only about those in whom something happens ..! From this point, guess my fame, those people salute me, whom you salute. Jinki Nazron Me Hum Ache Nahi Salon Ki Ankhon Me Dikkat Hai. Rutba To Khamosiyo Ka Hota Hai ‘Alfaaz’ To Logo Ko Dekhkar Akshar Badal Jaya Karte Hai ..! We do not like the happiness found in the bailout, because we live like a “Nawab” in gum too. Badshah to Main Kahi Bhi Ban Sakta Hoon, Par Tere Dil Me Hukumat Karne Ka Mza Hi Kuch or Hain. We have seen the era of life, meaning that after getting out, they go away from time to time. Do not think that you do not remember, but when it comes, you celebrate your memories like a big nawabo. Pagli, you thrive on your loved ones, here we live alone like a king. Once you open the doors of your heart, if you do not take possession, say it. Friends, if you like our Desi Hindi Status, then definitely share it with friends.

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