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Shayari Breakup In Hindi | Breakup Sad Shayari In Hindi

Breakup Shayari Hindi you !! #Agar Hum Bhi Teri Tarah #Majbur Na Hote, Khuda Kasam Hum Bhi #Tumse Door Na Hote, Wo To #Tere Ishq Me Hum #Badnaam Ho Gye, #Warna Sms Ki #Dunia Me Hum # Mashur Na Hote. # If there was no desire to live in the world, then God would not have created love #, people would not have #Raju # to die, if #Mahabbat had no #Baafafai #Na .. !! # There is a shadow of sadness all the time. # Don’t know nowadays # Why is he nervous # lives. # In your love # We sit hurt, whose # cannot be accounted for # Get as much pain, # Still swear by your love # I say, #On our #but just come #Dua for you .. !! #Tum Dil Ban Kar #Dharkte Ho Mere #Seenay Mein #Yehii Ek Aass #Mujhe Marne Nahi #Deti Ae Dost…. !!! #Gujre Hue #Kal Ki #Yaad Aati Hai, kuch #Lamho Se #Aankhen Bhar #Aati Hai, woh Subah #Rangeen Woh Shaam #Nirali Jaati Hai, jab #Aap Jaise #pyar Ki Yaad Aati Hai…! #Mana Aapki #Nazar Me Aapka Pyar #Hum Nahi, Kaise #Kahe Aapke #Talabgar Hum Nahi, # Khud Ko #Jala Ke Khaak #Kar Dala #Mita Diya, Lo Ab #Aapki Raah Me #Diwar Hum # Nahi.

Break Up Shayari

Kar Ke # Bewafai Muskuraate #He Wo, Dil #Tutta Hey To #Sharmate He Wo, #Jakhm Dil Ka Nahi #Dekh Paate He #Wo, Tabhi To Is #Jaha Me Dilruba #Kahlaate He Wo. Kalam # Chalti Hai To #Dil Ki Awaz #Likhti Hoon, Gham #Aur Judai Ke #Andaz E #Bayaan Likhti #Hoon, Rukte Nahi #Hain Meri #Aankhon Se Aansu, #Main Jab #Bhi Uski Yaad #Mein Alfaz Likhti #Hoon . # How easily # you said that you just # now you forget me # forget, clearly # in words I would have said that you have lived a lot now you die ……. !!! Slowly comes in the sweet nights An angel brings some happiness dreams, An angel says to drown in the ocean of dreams, sleep all the pain of forgetting quickly. Kadmo # Ki Duri Se Dilo #Ke Fasle Nahi Badte, #dur Hone Se #pyar Ka Ahsas Nahi Marte, #kuch Kadmo Ka #Fasla Hi Sahi #Hamre Bech, par Koi Pal #Nahi Jab #Aapko Hum Yaad #Nahi Karte. Sleep is also auctioned in the market-a-love, it is not easy to forget someone and go to sleep! Rab mere pyaar tak ye sandesha pahucha de, Us ke Dil me khayal mera bhi jaga de, kho gaya hai wo apni hi duniya me, Usko meri bhi jara si YAAD dila De.

Breakup Sad Shayari In Hindi

Jindagi Ki Asli Udaan Abhi Baaki Hai jindagi Ke Kai Imtehan Abhi Baaki Hai abhi To Naapi Hai Mutthi Bhar Zamin Humne abhi To Sara Aasman Baaki Hai…! When I get free time, I have to look back once I want to be mad in your love even today! Do not ask what the feeling of sunlight was such that the shadow was seen burning. Wo dard hi kya jo aankhon se beh jaaye, Wo khushi hi kya jo honthon par reh jaaye, Kabhi to samjho meri khamoshi ko, Wo baat hi kya jo lafzo me kiya jaaye….! I lost precious wealth in making a few coins, why did I erase today’s happiness for tomorrow’s sake. Halaat keh rahe hai nahi rukega ab woh Dil keh raha hai thoda intezaar aur kar shayad kuch pal ke liye he rutha ho wo Jab tak na laute tab tak thoda aitbaar kar. The favor is not given to anyone but I have paid it back, as much salt was eaten as mine, and put it on my wounds. You will part with me for the sake of someone, tomorrow you will have the same outcome. Now you tell me what do you think of me? Aaj bhi piyaar karta hun tujhse ye nahi ke koi aur mila nahi, milti to bohut tere baad lekin to kisi cahere mein dikhi nahi. There are thousands of problems at this time, if anyone looks down on them, it is not tolerable !!

Breakup Shayari In Hindi Font

Kabhi dekh lo tum bhi Mujhe pyaar se Har baar mai hi pukaaruYe tay to nahi hua tha ..! While there is a Kashish in every heart, there is a taste in every Kashish, not possible to build Taj Mahal for everyone, but in every day there is a Mumtaz Hiti. You had met me only by becoming unknown to me, having become my settled identity in my heart, yet I did not go away, even today I found someone’s name as sindoor !!! He is confident in your prayers, not whose happiness you ask crying out to God. Do not punish me for cheating me, we have made a mistake for him and why should he be punished. Those who care about rituals and rituals do love in love, that love is the passion in which the lovers ruin themselves with their happiness. You hide a million, realize in the chest the heart of our desire, whenever your thunderous voice has come here. Halaat keh rahe hain .. Wo yaad nahi karenge ab Umeed keh rahi hai .. Bss thoda intejaar aur kar. Every night I too have light for you, everyone is going to love you, the time passes by their memories, someone like this is going to decorate your dreams.

Best Breakup Shayari

Let’s forget what has been forgotten. Let’s kiss these photos and burn them. Alas ! That lot came to tell me, who are you to be separated from me! Raaz-e-ulfat chupa ke dekh liya Dil bahut kuch jalaa ke dekh liya Woh mere ho ke bhi mere na huye Un ko apnaa banaa ke dekh liya. Never hate to teach hate, sir, we have also wanted the pain to understand ourselves! No relationship is incomplete, just the desire to fulfill it should be on both sides. Put the fire in the chest, where do you go now, let the tide fly away, the spectacle will be even more… !! It is not in my nature to set fire, what is my fault if people burn with my simplicity.

Breakup Lines In Hindi

It is important to have a partner in life. Varna Dil Ki Baat has to be written on the status… !! The time has passed when we were your friends, now even if we become life, we will not accept it. Your foolishness has taken away my mischiefs .. and people think that I have improved .. !! Many enemies, who say their friends were stripped of their faces, were killed. If I love, I break down… I do not get this work as per my need. Tum to Apnay they Tum kyun Chor gaye WO Bewafa Hans k B0Lii ZindAGi B To Apni h0ti hai Wo kyun Chor Jati Hai… !! It is a cry in the memory of someone, it is a failure to lose so many precious tears, so what is the cry for those who love us, what is the love for those who have a thousand .. !! Sadness, evening, loneliness, remembrance, restlessness entrust me all, and the sun goes down in the water.

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