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Had Dhasu cared about defeat, I would have stopped winning, but “victory” is my stubbornness, and I am the king of stubbornness. Put the worry at the tip of the talwar, that is Rajput. Take a boat from the sand and make a bet from the sea, that is Rajput. And whose head is severed, yet the torso continues to fight against the enemy, that is Rajput. The lion is not hunted .. The king is not killed in the court. Enmity with your occupants .. The father does not play the game…. What will you do if you leave, then I will die, I am an hour girl, but you do not have oxygen… !! In view of talking, #Pagli, you will not have a lot of winnings, I do so everyday. Girl of the girl said to me – “What did you do that made me cry? I said …” Money is not known, not #PAGLI, but at some place the name has been earned such that there is no #Paisa, my #Naam runs .. |

Dhasu Whatsapp Status

It is easy to defeat anyone by gathering a crowd, but the fun is when your name gets engulfed in a crowd … Some you understand, some we are understanding, some questions of the heart are like this, yet we are getting entangled in them. Do not lose my mind, my friend, as much as your mind is, my mind worries !! Brother’s reach is from #Delhi to #Karbastan, the voice goes to Delhi and to #Dushman Kabristan. What should we do, O bad, our sins, standing in front of the door of hell !! Dogs bark, to maintain our existence, and the silence of the people makes our presence known. Riyasate keeps coming and going, but doing kingship … Today people also learn from us. We cannot kill fifty-five people with two hands, but by doing two hands, we can win the hearts of people. All my wishes were divided in two parts .. Some came out to find you, some came out to explain me.

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The rainbands are teaching us that the people who get ‘wings’ are just guests for a few days… 😎😎 What is the identity? We will tell the world without knowing the names…. Names will not be done…! Had I cared for defeat, I would have stopped winning, but “victory” is my stubbornness, and I am the king of stubbornness. Everyone tries but everyone does not rule… .. Attitude is available to everyone but it is not the same as ours ..! Some say it is right, some are bad, people call us the spoiled नवाhua Nawab.

Dhasu Status Shayari

Love is nothing but patience .. !! I have seen every love waiting… The reason for my waking up is that I am asking for a moon .. That is your soul who does not let me sleep…. Bhai 🦁Digree will get you in any college, but you will get the knowledge only from my 💣Status…. Do not try to become more #Smart🗡 because my #Bal is also taller than your # 4 … I have a tendency to touch the sky by staying on the ground, but I am not fond of getting up and down…. Gondi girls stay away from me because, I do not know how to celebrate and do not give them to anyone in the other sense…. Weird_Addar is like this, man’s eyes are also on us and heartburn is also on us.

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Now what is going to happen to that SWEET⛈ girl .. whose words make black tea sweet too !! Desi look, Desi Chhora Much Marodi, Tora Eye in the throat, looking at the shell, friend, this is the Chopra of the apple .. | Do not imprison my heart, A madman, he is the Nawab of the heart, there is no bird in your cage .. | The habit of ignoring even after being online is not yours, on the day we blocked, on that day, your habit of ignoring will also be heavy on you…. In whose eyes, we are not good, they should get their eyes treated…. Ja Pagal ji take your life, we are the queen of love, traitors do not seem to face … Oye Sun Rani, 💀 More than you have studied, Tere Raja has fought in college … Whose eyes are not good for us, they should treat their eyes… Ja Pagal🖕 ji take your life, we are the queen of love, the faces of traitors do not look…!

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Three principles are my life’s application, request and then if you do not agree then give it. Wealth is inherited, but identity has to be built on its own .. Our way of living is a little different, we live on our stubbornness, not on hope! There is a small life, live happily, forget all the sorrow, live with your heart, live right for yourself, live for your loved ones. In the sun, even the fragments of the kachcha shine, but the identity of the hiera is so dark. Have we got a little style, the eyes of the enemy have increased, now the entry is dead. Look ahead what happens ..? Do not say so much that people wait to be silenced, so be silent by speaking so that people wait to speak again. Attitude should be in the onesBones, the mind is also full of girls .. I do not know anything else, but for whom I have cried, she is your first girl .. |

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Just now I saw myself in the mirror, I came to know that innocent people are still alive in the world !! Janu “may or may not be a # girl who speaks”, but yes, there is definitely a mother who speaks “…”. !! Tvr still come to show us Pagli ,,,,,, but my mother has refused that my daughter-in-law should never cry…. . Hey Pagli! For your 1 Smile⚔, we will forget “Duniya” ,,,, So think your ⚡️1 # will light how many for tears… .. !! Never write names on sand ,,,,, names on sand never last, people say that we are stone hearts ,,, but names written on stones never fade…. I like people lifting fingers on me, because they think less of themselves and more of me .. Aaj ki aarti 🖕mai hamare pyaar ke 3 gawah honge, 🗡ek mai, ek tu aur ek ganpati ☠bappa ..! Someone said to me, your eyes are very beautiful, I said, after the rain, often the weather becomes pleasant! Even today, we do slavery only to our parents, for the world, we were the emperors yesterday and still are today. The dirty girls stay away from me because, I do not know how to celebrate and do not give to anyone in feeling. He would like me for how long, even I smiled and told him not to be unfaithful until….

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Life is not something to be serious about. Life is a ball to play in your hands. Do not hold the ball. There are two stages of human development – nothing from nothing to nothing, and everything from nothing to nothing. 💀 This knowledge can bring contribution and care around the world. Everyone knows that everything that shines is not gold, yet people spend their lives with the help of false luster, those of you who are unfaithful, today you will also hear, whose spirit is ‘Bewafaa’, when ‘Faith’ with them. Is .. Attitude, so children show us, they show people their size .. | We are not like those who search for status on Google… .. My status is searched by people on Google…. Son, do not overthink… we all understand the gestures and show good position .. Hatred, we still do it by looking at our status .. Love is very far away ..! Do not know where so much love came from, for that stranger, that my heart also hurts me with his character .. !! Pagli, you made mine, put it heavy on me, you made a mistake and instead of saying sorry, I cooled the anger. By showing Block Attitude Block he took a few minutes, taking time to calculate my separation from him in days and hours .. | Bhai’s approach is from #Delhi to #Karbastan, the voice goes to Delhi and #Dushman🖕 to Kambastan. >

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What is a bad habit, ours, standing in front of the doors of hell and doing papa !! A girl comes and speaks, I want to meet you, I said this Le Pagli Token and put it on the line .. | Attitude, which was yesterday, is today, life is the rule of such fathers .. Life should be according to its own life, at the behest of others, the lions also dance in a circus, which used to go to the scripts … When the clouds thunder # _ today, even more than the thunderballs ..! These which you take photos with DSLR💣 can make the face be right…. But not your nature .. Pride turns the trick and Akad exits! Akad is so, the path of ☠Side Pakad ..! His attack was not on a couple of feet, but it was in hundreds… and the count was also in the big parts of his city… He was given only six feet in a pit…. It does not matter if the face is “stranger”, but if the attitude is “stranger” then it gives great “trouble”! If there is any problem in someone’s life because of you, then one should get out of his life as if he had never come in his life. What should I do with two or four words of love… ”If you want to give…” Give a complete book of gifts. There is some cool cold today, in these winds, perhaps the room of memories of friends is left open…! We have gained without losing anything, we have got it without asking for anything, we are proud on our own strength, who have introduced it to a friend like you ..!

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Friendship is a throb of wind, friendship is a name of wafa…, whatever it may be for others, friendship for us is a gift of God…. Friendship is not a discovery, it does not happen to everyone everyday, in our own life, do not consider us unaware, because eyelids never feast on the eyes. ुनSun Pagli We write Status #Status from #Shauk, but people get Sh # Shock of truth. GF will not come in your life, but it will never decrease in the face, in the face and in life…. Your L😎veLy_LveLy Smile who has EffecT on me, I have made you Se_ecT by ReJecT everyone. Addiction is on you, charges come on mobile. I have got everything, just you have yet to get it, there is nothing missing in my house, only you are left weak, only wish! … whereas great people have the will power … !!! True friendship is like a good health, it is only when lost that its importance is revealed!

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