Birthday Wishes In Hindi: Hello Friends, his brother or friend is very special for everyone. To wish your brothers a birthday, you can copy the status and poetry written in our post and share it with your brothers. This post has all the status and shayari related to Wishes For Birthday In Hindi, Happy Birthday Wishes Hindi, Wish Happy Birthday In Hindi and Birthday Wishes For Brother and also has the status of Friends Birthday Wishes In Hindi by copying them with your brothers Whatsapp Or share it on Facebook. If you like this post of ours, then share this post with your other friends too.

Birthday Wishes In Hindi For Brother And Friends

Birthday Wish In Hindi My wish to you is to be happy, that you will not meet any sorrow wherever you live, like the sea, heart is deep yours, always be full of happiness. Happy Birthday. 🌹 Face is like a rose feeding you, your name is bright like Aftab, you are laughing even in sorrow, like flowers, if we do not live in this world like today ..! May every wish of the whole heart be yours, and the happiness found where you, if you ask for a star of heaven, then God bless you. Happy these special moments of the birthday, happy new dreams in your eyes, the life that has come for you today, happy happy laughs of all the happiness. God save you from bad eyes, decorate you with the moon stars, what happens to you, you forget it, God made you laugh so much in life. May you get blessings from friends, from the world, from your loved ones, from the love of God, in life, you will find love without shelter, happy you are better than ever in the world. May your name be on the highs of the heavens, your moon is your best on the earth, we live in a small world, but may God bless you wherever you are.

Birthday Wish For Friend In Hindi

On your behalf, we promise that we will never be part of you, I intend to walk with you throughout our life. It is a promise that will give life to each other’s love. It intends to smile every moment on your lips; Be unaware of every sorrow; With which your life lives; Always have that person with you. Happy birthday! Every path is easy, happiness is on every path; Every day be beautiful, so be it your whole life; This is my prayer every day, so be it every 4 birthdays! Happy Birthday! O God bless my friend with happiness; Give her some of her leave on her birthday; Dua is in life, out of her happiness; Do not give him any reason for sorrow. Happy birthday! Dua has been deeply prayed to you; As long as you live, people love you; May the moon live longer than the stars; We are not going to keep you safe Happy birthday! ” Every path should be easy; Every path is full of happiness; Everyday you are beautiful; Let a wonderful life like this happen; And as you have a birthday. Happy birthday! Happily every day, every pleasant night; On your way, there is a rain of flowers. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish For Friend Hindi

May your name be on the highs of the earth, your life is on the moon, we live in a small world, but may God bless you !! लगता Loves us every day, this special day, which we do not want to spend, without you, it gives me heart, always bless you, yet you say Happy Birthday! Today, you have to tell something, you have to spend lots of happiness, make your day beautiful, spend every apple with you !! Every happy happiness demands from you, life is alive, you ask for light, be bright, so much of your happiness in the moon, also ask you to light the moon. If there was no noor in the lamp, your heart would not be so strong, we would come to wish you Birthday itself, if your house was not so far away. 😘 Face is like a rose feeding you, your name is bright like Aftab, you are laughing in sorrow like flowers, if we do not live in this world like today

Bday Wishes In Hindi For Frnd

Happy birthday special moments of the birthday, happy new dreams in the eyes, the life that has come to you… today for you… Happy laughs of all happiness…. !!!. ुआ Dua Mile Bandon Gaya Jeele, Jeevan Mein, My Loved Ones Rehmat Mile Rab, In Life You May Love Unseen Love, Happy हे You Are More Sub In The World .. !! पसंद Let your choice become our wish, your smile become the relief of the heart, make God so happy with your happiness, देखना To see you happy becomes our habit. Happy Birthday! Pray to God to grant you the best health, longevity and prosperity. 🌹😊This auspicious day has come thousands of times in your life, we keep calling you Happy birthday every time… You will borrow the breath from my heart, with heart. 🎊 Brother, wish you a very happy birthday ..! ❤️️❤️️ Yes, I am the happiest person in this world, because I found a loving brother like you… Love 🧡 you Bro… Happy Birthday To You… How much love is there to you, O brother, how can I tell you in words, 🎁 You are always happy with this blessing, 🍬 🎂 Happy birthday first of all… ❤️️

Birthday Wish For Brother In Hindi

Every moment you have a smile on your lips, you are ignorant of every sorrow, with which your life rises, always be that person with you. You are a rose that does not blossom in parts, the angels of Asma are also proud of you, Kuhsi is precious to you, celebrate your birthday and laugh !!! When God has created the world, he must have been worried about one thing, how to take care of so many crooks, then he must have made a brother for everyone .. | Let’s wait for the birthday birthday; If that day comes, then for two moments; Our request is to bring that moment immediately for the whole day. Happy these special moments of the birthday, happy new dreams in your eyes, the life that has come for you today… Happy laughs to all the happy people…. !!! Today please meet those who have never met anyone till date. Happy birthday. Live in life every year. You should consider your birthday like this….!

Birthday Wishes For Brother In Hindi

क्या What should I pray for you, who will give flowers of happiness on your lips; This is just my blessing, let the stars light you and make your fortune. May your stars always be postponed, let all your blessings be said to us. Wish you a very happy birthday. May your life be filled with desires, every moment full of wishes, even the days start to look small, give you so much happiness this new coming tomorrow !! बचा Save you from evil eyes, decorate you with moon stars, forget what sorrow, forget you, laughed you so much in life…. Every path is easy, happiness is on every path, every day is beautiful, this is the whole life, this is my blessing every day, so is your birthday every day…! My prayers to you from the heart is that you be happy, no matter what sorrow you live, like the sea, your heart is deeply yours, always be filled with happiness.

Wishes For Birthday In Hindi

Take some special blessings from us, take some eyes on your birthday, fill me with the color that is in your life… today, take that happy birthday from us…! We offer this blessing on your birthday, we and you together, never ever parted, will give your promise for life, you will give your life on your own, this is your intention…! May I write your age with the moon stars… May I celebrate your birthday, take your flowers from the world with such beauty from the world, I will get all my love and happiness from you…! Happy these special moments of the birthday, happy new dreams in my eyes, the life that I have for you today… Happy happiness to all the happiness…. !!! Happy birthday friend, wish you a heart, and wish you happiness, whenever you ask for a star of the same, then God bless Sara Asma… Happy birthday! Your face is like a rose feeding you, your name is like Aftab, you are laughing in sorrow, like flowers, if we do not live in this world, like today !! 😘Har lamha apke hothon pe muskan rahe, Har ghum se aap anjaan rahen, Jiske sath mehak ❤️️uthe aapki zindgi, 🍻Hamsha aapke pass woh insan rahe … !!! 😊Motiyan, bela, phool, kaliyan, Dekho yaron sab to hain na, Aaj tumhari 🍾salgirah hai, Dekho hum ko yaad to hai na! ”Happy Birth Day Brother! 🎊Yahi dua karta hu khuda se, aapki zindigi mein koi Gam na ho, Janamdin per mile 🍬🍾hazaro khusiyan, chahe unme shaamil hum na ho 🎂Happy Birthday…!

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