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Happy mom birthday

Happy birthday mom
My existence is nothing without you
But you are my everything!

Happy Mother's Birthday (1)

To the most loving mother in the world
Happy birthday
May God fill your life with boundless joy!

The biggest secret to my success is my mother.
Thank you mom for always supporting me.
Happy birthday

First of all in difficult situations in life
The person who comes in front of the eyes is the mother.
Love you i Happy birthday very much

There is only one such court in the world,
Where all the old ones are forgiven is the mother,
The world worships the mother who worships ..!

The woman who fulfilled all my dreams and aspirations
Happy birthday to my loving mother who helped 🎂

Forgiving all my mistakes,
Loving even when very angry,
Always a blessing and this
She is the only one who does everything!

You don’t breathe a bit for us
Too many meaningless sacrifices, mother,
God will give you a hundred years to live!

Once flowered the flower does not bloom again
Once born there is no rebirth
But you will get thousands of people in life
Parents who forgive their thousands of mistakes will never be found again

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Birthday Wishes For Aai In Marathi

You can’t forget me
My identity is not complete without your mention!
Happy birthday mom

Happy Mother's Birthday (2)

Today is a special person’s birthday
That person is my mentor, guide and
Is my best girlfriend and
That person is my dear mother!

Mother comes home happy with your touch,
Life has meaning by your existence ..
Your every word is like nectar,
The base of Maya at every moment ..
Keep in mind my every mistake
You love me so much
God bless your birthday,
Keep my mother very happy!
Happy birthday mom

Where I have so much time
Let me see my mother’s smile written in destiny
Just by looking at my face, I realize that my future is bright!

The confluence of soul and God is mother,
Happy birthday to you mom!

God cannot go to every house
So he created a loving mother like you!
Happy Birthday Mom

Mother is the percolator of love,
Mother’s love is an ocean of joy
The mother is the basis of the home,
Without a mother, it would be a cluttered house!
Happy birthday mom

The best start to my day was my mom’s face
It can’t happen without seeing it
Thank you very much mom
You are very nice and always be like that

Your arms are open when I want a hug.
I understand your heart when I need a friend.
Your love guided me and gave me wings to fly!
Happy birthday mom

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Happy Birthday Status for Mom

I found heaven where I put my head at my mother’s feet,
Love you i Happy Birthday खूप!

Happy Mother's Birthday (3)

Be it my school studies or life difficulties
Anyway, my mother is the first to help me!

She is a loving mother without seeing her face!
Happy Birthday Dear Mother.

Your hand is on the head of your love,
Zhelen challenges Sari, Firuni Jeevan Wari
Pinjun aakash saare, dankat pankhavari,
Touch your love, Smaruni Janmantari!
Happy birthday mom

I still remember my mother’s prayer to God for my success,
My mother’s prayers and blessings are always with me!
Happy Birthday Mom

Leaving home but never leaving memories,
In life, the name of mother never disappears
When the legs get tired after walking all the time,
With the last breath the mother stays the same words!
Happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday to the best mother in the world!

You are a gift from Mother God,
You are the beginning of my every day,
All sorrows are gone when you are with me
Stay with me like a shadow!
Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to the first Guru of all my life.
My life is incomplete without you mother.

In the embrace she takes small portions of ground,
The shouts are like sweet songs,
Storms, winds, seasons all passed in her arms!

The two best letters engraved in the velvet box of our hearts are mother
Mom, I love you so much, you always stay with me like that!
Happy birthday


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