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Happy birthday to uncle

I always respect you,
You have always been my idol in my life,
I wish you a happy birthday!
Happy birthday uncle

Happy Birthday-Uncle-1 (1)

Uncle on the occasion of your birthday
I want to say that
You are a wonderful person
And there are very good uncles
I wish you a very happy life!
Happy birthday uncle

You’re not just my uncle
You are my best friend too
Happy birthday kaka

Thank you for being my biggest supporter
You are an uncle
I hope you in your life
Want to get everything!
Happy Birthday Kaka

Today can bring a smile to your face,
Fill life with joy
This I pray to God!
Happy birthday uncle

Very few people are happy,
He has an uncle
And I am very lucky
I can say it out loud and clearly!
Happy birthday uncle

You have always been my greatest mentor, friend and uncle
Who guided me in every way
Thanks for staying with me in every issue!
Vadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechha Kaka

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Happy birthday uncle

The sun will sharpen you, the flowers will bloom for you,
Whatever we give will be reduced,
Give every pleasure you give!
Happy birthday uncle

Uncle-Happy-Birthday-Wishes (2)

We pray to our God,
I want your happiness from the heart,
All your wishes come true
And you will keep smiling from the heart!
Happy birthday uncle

I have spent many years in these years,
I hope I learn everything
And it will take many years to become perfect like you!
Vadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechha Kaka

Your dreams put clothes in your eyes
Birthdays will be your own
And we have hidden desires in our hearts
Pray that all moments will come true!
Happy birthday kaka

God will save you from the evil eye,
Adorn thee with the moon,
You forgot what went wrong
God made you laugh so much in life!
Happy Birthday Kaka

May happiness, prosperity, contentment, longevity, health be yours
Countless happy birthday uncle!

You are older than me and my uncle,
But I consider you a good friend of mine!
Vadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechha Kaka

This is our blessing on your birthday
Your age should be like the stars of the moon!
May your love blossom like this day by day, on your birthday,
You soak in the rain of my good wishes!
Happy birthday uncle


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