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Happy Birthday

You forgot the moment you spent
You come to heart tomorrow
Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday (1)

Happy birthday to all your hopes and
Happy Birthday to dreams come true!

The sun was shining brightly
The singers will come forward with a bang.
Flowers swan swan, happy birthday to you!

Let new dreams of your new world blossom at this stage of life
Let your desires and aspirations soar
May our only wish in your mind be a prosperous life!
Happy Birthday

Phule has sent nectar jam,
Suraj wishes Gagan well,
Happy new year to you
With a clear heart, we have sent this message!

Ishwarcharani single prayer for your birthday,
You get what you ask for,
May all your wishes come true on your birthday
Happy birthday

New horizons, new dawn,
Waiting for the dreams of a flourishing life.
Keep a smile on your face.
Thousands of suns shine on your back
Happy birthday

Relationships are your love
Happy birthday to you,
You soak in the rain of my good wishes!

This auspicious day has come a thousand times in your life,
And we wish you a happy birthday every time!
Happy birthday

We wish you a happy birthday
The sun will be full of joy, love and excitement!
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you Happy New Year,
Go to happiness and prosperity, this is the prayer at the feet of God!

That moment will pass
Your birthday is coming soon,
Just wish me a happy birthday
Otherwise someone will bet!

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Happy Birthday SMS

The moon has brought moonlight,
The birds have sung this song,
The flowers are blooming
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday (2)

Enjoy the joy,
Enjoy yourself
You were so happy in life,
May everyone be happy with you!

My heart goes out to you
Don’t see any sorrow wherever you live
Your heart is like the sea,
May you always be full of joy!

Will always be in your mind
Our love never fails
No matter how much misery came in life
We will be together forever!

If there is no light in the lamp
The lonely heart would not have been so compelled,
We’re here to wish you a happy birthday,
If your home is not so far away!

Every desire of your heart is yours,
And happiness where you,
If you asked for a star in the sky,
May God bless you all!

I will write your age with the moon and stars,
I will celebrate your birthday with flowers,
I will bring such beauty from the world,
Let’s get ready for all the festivities!

May happiness, prosperity, contentment, wealth, longevity, health be yours!
Happy Birthday Target

This day, this month, when he came,
We decorated the birthday party with a lot of love,
The name of friendship is written on each shama,
In this light your appearance is like the moon!

We bring you all the happiness
Flowers will decorate the world for you
Make you beautiful every day
Decorate your love for you!

Let your stars always be high
Your prayers should be postponed, this is our blessing!
Happy birthday to you

You are my friend, my friend
Happy birthday to you
No one will ever see you
Never be sad, this darling is cute!
Happy Birthday

Your life will always be like a flower,
Khusia Kadam loves you very much
And bless us!

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