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Important notice
As we all know that due to corona
Everybody is facing trouble
And the hospital is very crowded, don’t go there,
Please contact your nearest election rally,
Corona’s presence in the rally is negligible
This is reflected in the behavior of our leaders,
In this way you can save yourself and your family from this pandemic….
Thank you

The governments are sitting unrelenting, what will they do.
They are safe in the homes, what will they do?
The scream of your last breaths will not be heard.
The ears are not in courts, what will you do.
© ®Yogesh Yogi Farmer

The state of health is like this,
Can not say that,
But the condition of the heart is like this,
That we cannot live without saying,

To avoid corona and increase immunity, adopt them in the routine.
Must take sunshine (vitamin d)
Decoction (dry ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves)
Half cup twice a day
Hot water with turmeric
Bhastrika, Bhramari, Anulom-Antonyms Pranayama
Be sure to steam spices such as vicks or ginger cloves twice a day

As humans, what are we doing for humans,
Just looking at how people are dying in agony.

Everyday breath is stuck like this,
As if the earth has stopped,
In this dynamic world,
Don’t know how the break has come,
Every person is in a dilemma,
Neither living nor dying,
Just stuck

To treat his family
City by city is wandering.
In a last breath
Craving someone’s philosophy.
There are queues in the crematorium too,
Ever since Corona has wreaked havoc.

It is known that…
That sometimes in life
It is also good to be negative…
Now take the corona test itself… ..

Coronavirus Covid 19 Funny Quotes and Jokes in Hindi
Coronavirus Covid 19 Funny Quotes and Jokes in Hindi

Chinese people, your truth,
4 years between men
Didn’t even get up

China has Touch ones
Make mobiles T.V. Made
Made the watch, it was all right
But years have touched
Even kept the disease

Due to my english
Has increased tremendously
Now i say sanitizer
Have also learned

This corona made us lazy,
A world
Otherwise, we too were of great use.

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