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Bhavpurna Shradhanjali Hindi Image Status
Bhavpurna Shradhanjali Hindi Image Status

Death is true and bodies are mortal,
Knowing this, people are sad to leave.
We should pray to god
Grant peace and salvation to the departed soul!

Sad news of your mother / father’s demise,
We are also very sad to hear,
God bless his soul,
And give you the courage to go through these difficult times!

Ishwar Unki Aatma Ko Shanti De Shradhanjali Images
Ishwar Unki Aatma Ko Shanti De Shradhanjali Images

No matter how big the sorrow
Have patience and balance
Time will not let you lose…

Although no words can ease your grief,
But know that every thought and prayer,
I am very close to them.
ॐ Peace!

We will pray for you and your family.
There is something hidden behind what God does,
Maybe this time he has decided for your mother,
So that he can rest,
God bless your mother’s soul

Shradhanjali Status in Hindi With Images
Shradhanjali Status in Hindi With Images

(Person’s name) Deeply saddened by the demise.
This is an irreparable loss to all of us.
May God give peace to the deceased soul and
Force family members.

No one is greater than god
Not even a single leaf of his will move
Whatever they do they do well
Because life and death are all in their hands
We should just pray that
God bless the departed soul
And place them at your feet
ॐ Peace!

If tears can make ladders,
And one lane memories, I will go to heaven
And bring you home again memory can tell us
What we were, in company with the people we loved;
It cannot help us to know what each of us is,
Alone, Should Be Made Now Yet, no man is truly alone;
Those who do not yet resonate within our thoughts and words,
And what they’ve done is weave words of tribute into what we’re doing

On the demise of the great artist
Emotional tribute.
God grant them a place at your feet!

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