3. Hindi Prem Kavita

There are some things which have to be told.
There are some dreams that have to be heard.
There are some rivalries that have to be done.
There are some happiness which have to be shared.
There are some conflicts that have to be said.
There are moments to be seen.

I have to love you once more.
I have to talk to you one more time.
I have to get angry with you once more.
You have to explain once more.

Such things, such memories.
There are nights and mornings like this.
Our story is incomplete
Our words are incomplete
We have incomplete meetings,
Our nights are incomplete

We have come so far in this journey of love.
Neither the time was known, nor the people.
Did not care for Khata, did not smile.
We did not and neither did you.
We fell in love and it happened like this….
As if you are the most beautiful and no one else.
As if you are the wisest and no one else.

break like those waves on that shore,
The depth of which I can feel with my fingers.
Like rain, come from those clouds on the ground,
Let me feel you in this moment and today.
Don’t stop like this blowing wind,
Stay for a while, this is just a prayer.

I want to bring the flowing river in my palm,
This is the river of love, sir, I want to get you.
I want to bring the whole sky in front of you.
And I want to keep one wish from that moon,
That O God.. Not only you, I should also age to you.
O Ranjhana.. this is the heart, take whatever you want to take.

Happy Birthday Getting

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