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Love Story of Lord Radha Krishna -Short Radha Krishna Love Story in Hindi to Read

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Whenever a person on this earth remembers Lord Sri Krishna Radha or takes his name, no man says Radha and Shri Krishna on the earth, but his name is simultaneously called or spoken by Radha-Krishna and both of them- Is not separate but is considered one

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Because their love was such that two bodies and one soul, when the suffering occurs to Radha, Sri Krishna also feels the result, when Shri Krishna once takes the form of Radha, then Radha’s mouth is burnt with hot milk. Blisters come in the mouth of Shri Krishna, after reading such an event, after which you will be able to know what a wonderful love this is between Radha and Krishna.

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When Narada heard the praise of Radha in all the three worlds, then once Devarishi Narada got worried and how much he loved Shri Krishna himself and he went to his place near Krishna to solve this problem. When he reached there, he saw that Shri Krishna was groaning due to headache, then Narada immediately asked him, Lord, is there any cure for your suffering?

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On hearing this, Lord Krishna said that if any of my devotees drink his feet then this pain can be calm, then Shri Krishna said that if Rukmani gives his feet drink then it may be beneficial to hear Lord’s words and go to Narada Rukmani Arrived and told them the whole thing, but Rukmani did not listen to this and said angry, I cannot commit this gross sin.

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So Narada returned and expressed Rukmani’s disappointment in front of Krishna, then Krishna sent him to Radha, Narada ji went there and revealed the whole incident and when Radha came to know about this, Radha immediately brought water in a vessel. Devoted his feet and asked Lord Narada to take it immediately to Krishna, then Narada was shocked to see this behavior of Jeeradha and then I knew about Radha dialect.

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This will give me a hell of a lot, but I am willing to suffer this torture for the pleasure of my beloved Shri Krishna, when listening to this love of Radha, Lord Rishi Narada understood why Radha’s love is being praised in the three worlds presented in the Pacific. Radha has shown her selfless love, this is the culmination of true love which does not count the loss of profit.

Radha Krishna love story 3 in hindi | Radha Krishna’s love story / Leela

Radha Krishna love story 3 in hindi | Radha Krishna’s love story / Leela

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Short Radha Krishna Love Story In Hindi | Love story of radha krishna

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